Included on this page are examples of the different colors, markings, ear sets and coat types I currently work with.

I am also including some information and comparison images of Dwarf rats and Standard rats.


Russian Blue


(American Blue)

Black & Silvered Black

Siamese/Black Eyed Siamese

Marten/Black Eyed Marten






 Mismarked BEW (Black Eyed White)


Wedge Blaze


Lightning Blaze


Ear Sets



Coat Types




Double Rex

Dwarf Rats

 Dwarf rats originated in a lab out of Sprague-Dawley rats. Dwarf rats lack growth hormone, which leaves them 1/2 to 1/3 the size of Standard sized rats. Dwarf is a recessive gene, so breeding two Dwarf rats together will give you an entire litter of Dwarf rats.  Dwarfs are very much like Standard rats, but perhaps a bit more active and playful.  They can have the same sweet temperaments and they certainly are full of personality! They are just as healthy as Standard sized rats, and their lack of growth hormone actually makes them more resistant to developing tumors and cancers. This is one reason many breeders have taken such an interest in them - perhaps in time this resistance can help increase the average lifespan of the rat.

Dwarfs can be housed with Standard rats, but for the best results it's recommended to obtain them at a young age and have them grow up together. I have found that my Dwarf rats tend to do better at higher protein levels, around 18%-20%. Dwarfs can be prone to obesity, so keeping a close eye on their weight is important. Other than that, their care and housing requirements are similar to Standard rats.  Even though they are smaller, they still require appropriately sized cages - cages meant for hamsters would not be suitable for Dwarf rats. Just as with Standard rats, I recommend a maximum bar spacing for cages of 1/2 inch.

Dwarf vs Standard Comparison Pictures

Adult Dwarf Male

6 Week Old Standard Male

Adult Standard Sized Male

6 Week Old Hairless Littermates

Standard (left), Dwarf (right)

6 Week Old Females

Dwarf (left), Standard (right)

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