About Serendipity Rodentry

I began my journey of breeding rats back in 2004 after mentoring under an established, reputable breeder. Before I put my first pair together, I did tons of research and studied up on genetics so that I would have a better understanding of the genes involved in various varieties and how they work, as well as breeding in general. I fell in love with these little dog-like creatures, so it became not only a hobby but a passion of mine. I continue to research, confer with other breeders on issues or questions, and do my best to share my knowledge with others.

I do not breed rats to make money. I have a regular job, just like most people. I also do not breed to order - I breed the colors and varieties I am most interested in. Each and every litter is carefully planned and each has a goal in mind. I breed in hopes of producing rats with wonderful temperaments and health. These two are very important when considering that I will be providing pets to families that may have children, so solid temperaments are a must. Rats have such short lifespans, so doing what I can to provide rats that are as healthy as possible is also very important.

I specialize in Dwarf rats and initially was interested in working with Dwarf rats because their lack of growth hormone makes them very resistant to developing tumors and cancers. The hope is that by utilizing this benefit, there's the possibility of increasing the average lifespan of the pet rat. That's something I'd love to be a part of.

 I currently have several varieties of rats that I am working with. Colors include Black, Russian Blue, American Blue, Agouti, Russian Blue Agouti, Beige and Fawn, with other colors possible. I also work with Siamese/Black Eyed Siamese and Marten/Black Eyed Marten. Markings I'm working with are mainly Variegated, Hooded, Berkshire and English/English Irish. My Variegated lines regularly produce recessive blazes, headspots and occasionally other markings.

Coat types include Standard, Rex, Hairless and Silvermane.

I'll be offering most in Dumbo ears, but Standard ears are also possible.

Serendipity Rodentry is registered with the NARR (North American Rat Registry)

and a member of the FRBA (Fancy Rat Breeder's Association).


Prices range from $15 - $40 per rat

Pricing is decided on the individual rat's color, marking, coat type and ear set.

Prices are non-negotiable.

Special pricing and discounts may be offered at my discretion.

Purchasing Process

 In order to purchase rats from Serendipity Rodentry, a completed and approved application is required.

(Serendipity Rodentry is currently closed. Applications cannot be accepted at this time.)


Once your application is approved, your email address will be added to the Serendipity Rodentry Mailing List.

(Your personal information is not shared and you can choose to be removed at any time)

Any time rats are ready to be reserved, they will be added to the Available page.

Babies are generally put up for reserve at 4-5 weeks of age, and can go home no sooner than 6 weeks of age.

Mailing List recipients will be notified at least an hour in advance of when new rats will be made available for reserve. 

Reserves are first come, first served.

Once babies are officially made available, the first person with an approved application to let me know they are interested in reserving a particular rat will get to reserve that rat. You can do so by email or by messaging me on the Facebook page. I will check both before finalizing any reserve. Please Note - I only sell rats in at least pairs, so when reserving rats you will need to reserve at least two. I do not offer single rats.

Once reserved, please plan to pick up your rats within 1-2 weeks.

Please only reserve rats if you fully intend to follow through with their purchase!
At this time, I do not require deposits to hold rats once reserved.

But, if you do reserve rats and then back out or no show for your scheduled meet up, your reserve will be cancelled and you will not be allowed to purchase any rats from me in the future.

Scheduling Meet Ups

Once rats are reserved, the next step is picking them up! This is done through a scheduled Meet Up.

Meet Ups are done at public locations within about a half hour of the Rodentry.

I typically meet in Elkton, MD,  North East, MD or Newark, DE.

Before sending in an application, please be sure you will be able to attend a meet up in one of these areas.

I do not meet half way, deliver or offer shipping at this time.

I operate a Closed Rodentry. This means that I do not allow visitors in to see the Rodentry or to handle any of my rats. This is for the health and safety of my rats. There are several viruses and parasites that could potentially be brought in by visitors. Some can travel on clothing, skin and even in nasal passages, without the person even being aware that they are there. While the actual risk is minimal, it's a risk I am not willing to take. Also, my Rodentry is operated out of my home, and while I would love to allow people to come in and meet my rats, the unfortunate reality is that not everyone can be trusted. So, it's better to be safe than sorry, and for the safety of my rats and my family I do not allow visitors.

I am more than happy to answer questions about my rats or my set up and can provide pictures or video upon request.


- All rats sold by Serendipity Rodentry are Pet Only. They are not for breeding purposes. The only exception would be rats sold on a specific Breeding Contract to an approved Breeder. This means that any rats purchased from Serendipity Rodentry should be kept separated from rats of the opposite sex at all times. In the event that any rat sold by Serendipity Rodentry is bred without permission, whether intentional or accidental, the purchased rat and any resulting offspring must be returned to Serendipity Rodentry. No refunds or exchanges will be offered.

- All rats sold by Serendipity Rodentry are under a 48 hour guarantee. I can guarantee they are healthy at the time of sale. I will offer a full refund or exchange for another rat (if available) within 48 hours of their purchase. After 48 hours has passed, any health issues that may arise would be the responsibility of the new owner.

- Any rat purchased from Serendipity Rodentry can be returned to me at any time during their life for any reason. If you need to rehome any rats purchased from me, I ask that you contact me first. I am more than willing to accept the return of any rat purchased from Serendipity Rodentry. Please note that no refunds or exchanges will be offered if the return is initiated after the 48 hour guarantee has expired.